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With the brand history of 14 years, Wanzhong staffs adhere to the principle of “details determine success or failure”, and no matter for design or construction, they keep summarizing all cases. They always follow the professional process, perfect construction techniques and strict construction standards, so as to complete one after another excellent urban projects.

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Dongguan Wanzhong Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, is an enterprise with the national architectural decoration aptitude and safe production permit as well as a famous decoration company integrating the decorative design, construction, supervision and maintenance. The company focuses on applying the geomancy to design and build the offices, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, cafes, shopping markets, banks, factories, workshops, exclusive shops, hair salons, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, etc. The application of geomancy can make up for all defects and create a perfect space.

Wanzhong Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional decoration company in Dongguan marching towards the group-like, integrated, factory-like and specialized type. With lots of talents specialized in decoration and many professional high-end designers, the company has formed an integral industrial chain in such fields as Dongguan home furnishing, Dongguan office space, Dongguan public space, etc. The company regards the customer satisfaction as the primary goal, takes creating the wonderful space for Chinese people as its own duty, and introduces the internationally leading idea of fashion trend. By depending on the scientific management, it has succeeded in providing the one-stop service including decorative design and construction for all clients.

Wanzhong Decoration owns a strong design team, whose design works have repeatedly won many prizes and lead the direction of trend in this industry. With the strong power in design, Wanzhong's works have been spread in many fields, such as the home furnishing design, house prototype room design, hotel design, entertainment club design, office space design, etc. Wanzhong Decoration has stepped into a leading era of large-scale public space decoration and high-end home decoration entirely.

The personnel of the Engineering Department and the Supervising Department in Wanzhong Decoration all hold the professional certificates issued by the related national departments, and they always conduct the construction management and supervision strictly according to ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System, so they are well received by all clients. The company possesses the perfect after-sales service system, and you just need to give us a call, we will provide the door-to-door service immediately, so as to exempt you from all worries in the future.

By sticking to the "people-oriented" management idea and regarding the customer demand as the basic target of our services, Wanzhong Decoration has grown to be a member unit of China Building Decoration Association, won the honor of "Honest Enterprise of Observing Contract and Valuing Credit", and repeatedly got the "Excellent Project Prize" issued by China Decoration Association of National Ministry of Construction.

Wanzhong Decoration, Brand Mark, a decoration brand with 19 years' history deserving your trust

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Nowadays, with so many opportunities and challenges, Wanzhong is always clear that the key of lifting the core competitiveness lies in promoting the customer relationship management capacity, namely, transforming the business process, organization structure, enterprise culture and so on based on the goals of customer focus, information availability and rapid response. Therefore, it has taken the lead in establishing a decoration service brand with the one-stop counseling service team. Wanzhong staffs are a group of young people full of vigor; through the regular trainings provided by the company, they keep improving their technical quality, stay actively in the network and construction site, accept the consultations from all customers at any moment, and solve all problems related to decoration for them.

Based on the purpose of "integrity first, customer first and quality first", Wanzhong Decoration has persisted in the research and development of professional decoration and construction technology, standardized the controlling procedure of construction, emphasized the star-level service standard, and paid attention to the construction details. Its concrete, refined and innovative construction has enabled it to become an appointed construction party for all design agents, land agents, building agents and proprietors in Dongguan, which lays the solid status of outstanding decoration and construction for Wanzhong. No matter for the construction quality or the brand reputation, it has been among the best in the industry and completed hundreds of boutique-style decoration cases successfully. Wanzhong Decoration is a brand mark, and in the future development, we will bring more better decoration projects for the proprietors.

Wanzhong Decoration's construction team, as a service team with high quality, abides by the idea of "meticulous construction, quality first and customer first" all the time. Relying on the technology and regarding the customer service as the core are our persistent management ideas. With the professional skills and rich experience which have been universally acknowledged by the industry, our construction workers can satisfy the customer demand by providing services actively and provide some industry-oriented solutions according to the core of customer's business. The professional construction team exclusive for Wanzhong Decoration are skilled and experienced. All members in this team can keep improving their construction techniques based on inheriting the craftsman culture existing for thousands of years, and they have also built the data-based process control, so as to standardize the construction technology.



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