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With the brand history of 14 years, Wanzhong staffs adhere to the principle of “details determine success or failure”, and no matter for design or construction, they keep summarizing all cases. They always follow the professional process, perfect construction techniques and strict construction standards, so as to complete one after another excellent urban projects.

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Office Design & Decoration

A complete,orderly,neat,comfortable,modern,intuitive image of office space to increase trust of customers.

Office design is a cultural, spiritual, artistic, and innovation, including beyond the limit, the pursuit of the perfect spirit of enterprise.

Office Design

The use of natural elements, use and integrate Eastern and Western cultures, Focus on the use of art and walk in between the classical modern, focusing on the absorption of folk art, Focus on the absorption of other design advantages, focusing on the integration of art and space, to current popular office design techniques
Appearance is one of the important office renovation requirements, but the core is its practical function.

Office Decoration

Focus on new technologies, new processes, new materials, and the use of popular practices, Focus on people-oriented, focusing on simplifying, focusing on environmental protection, not only inherited the traditional decor and accept the new era of mechanized production methods, experience life through modern technology and modern interpretation of re-integration
Office design effect appreciation
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  • Three office design considerations
    First, office decoration design closer to home improvement Office decoration more attention to detail. Designers are beginning to participate in the details of decoration, including office furniture, decorations, and even a small reception room ashtray. Try to experience the company's corporate culture and humanistic care in the details Second, office renovation program: time, quote, design comprehensive cost higher level Whether it is a traditional state-owned enterprises, institutions, multinational or international, IT high-tech enterprise, media advertising and other modern designs for office decoration needs are not identical, natural design ideas, style is completely different. But one thing is the same, customer requirements now no longer a simple office decoration, or simple fast-food office decoration design. Decorative design company needs for the sake of time as short as possible, quoted in the budget, higher design quality factors combine the best office decoration design. Like to buy things, once put customer satisfaction as a judge the merits of office decoration design standards, will also be the best office decoration design, but also the most likely to bid for office decoration design. Third, Stresses office automation Modern enterprises work mostly through the Internet and telephone. With the realization of the paperless office, domestic and office renovation programs have very different styles. Office automation office decoration become the most important issue to be considered.

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